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laptop coffee

April 2012

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laptop coffee

booklist 2009

Talking about reading, 2008's booklist is a shame. I only managed 61 books. And I'm pretty sure, this year it will even be less. Not to mention that it included way to little university stuff, which for once results from the fact that I barely read the complete book but only seperate chapters, but also proves that I'm simply not doing enough. But this isn't meant to be another "I'm not dedicated enough" rant, I'm pretty sure this year will hold enough of them even if I don't start right now.

Anyway, this is the start of the new list, so come in and enjoy.

1. Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus: Liebe auf eigene Gefahr (Dedication)
2. Donna Leon: Wie durch ein dunkles Glas. Comissario Brunettis fünfzehnter Fall. (Through a glass, darkly)
3. Ronnie. The autobiography of Ronnie O'Sullivan. (with Simon Hattenstone)
4. Stefan Zweig - Sternstunden der Menschheit (Decisive moments in history)
5. Carlos Ruiz Zafón - Das Spiel des Engels (The Angel's Game / El juego del ángel)
6. Peter Levin -  Skilful time-management24
7. Bernard Cornwell - Schwertgesang (Swordsong)33
8. Josephine Tey - Alibi für einen König (The Daugter of Time)
9. Liz Trucillo - How to be Single
10. Iny Lorentz - Die Tochter der Wanderhure
11. Elizabeth George - Wo kein Zeuge ist (With no one as witness)
12. Kathy Reichs - Déjà Dead
13. Helga Esselborn-Krumbiegel - Leichter lernen. Strategien für Prüfung und Examen
14. Booth; Colomb & Williams: The Craft of Research
15. Michelle Harrison - The 13 Treasures
16. Kathy Reichs - Death du Jour
17. Susan Sontag - Reborn. Journals and Notebooks 1947 - 1964 (ed. David Rieff)
18. Mark Gatiss - The Vesuvius Club
19. Gyles Brandreth - Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders
20. Alan Bennett - The Uncommon Reader
21. Bernard Cornwell - Harlequin (Grail Quest 1)
22. Kathy Reichs - Deadly Decisions
23. Kathy Reichs - Fatal Voyage
24. Kathy Reichs - Grave secrets
25. Kathy Reichs - Bare Bones
26. Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, Scott Williams - Hush Vol. 1 (Batman Graphic Novel)
27. Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee, Scott Williams - Hush Vol. 2 (Batman Graphic Novel)
28. Val McDermind - The Mermaids singing
29. J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
30. Candance Bushnell - One one fifth Avenue
31. Terry Pratchett - Equal Rites
32. Terry Pratchett - Wyrd Sisters
33. Kathy Reichs - Cross Bones
34. Kathy Reichs - Monday Mourning
35. Kathy Reichs - Break no Bones
36. Kathy Reichs - Bones to Ashes
37. Melani Calrlton Fascitelli - Shop your Closet. The Ultimate Guide to Organizing your Closet with Style
38. Nina Garcia  - The One Hundred. A Guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own
39. Tim Gunn - A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style
40. Kazuo Ishiguro - Never let me go
41. Kathy Reichs - Devil Bones
42. Veronica Stallwood - Stille Nacht in Oxford (Ein Kate Ivory Krimi) (Oxford Shift)
43. Jonathan Safran Foer - Extremely loud & incredibly close
44. Rebecca Gablé - Hiobs Brüder
45. Agatha Christie - The 13 Problems (Mrs. Marple)
46. Peter Tremayne - Die Tote im Klosterbrunnen (The Subtle Serpent)
47. Cornelia Funke - Als der Weihnachtsmann vom Himmel fiel
48. Cornelia Funke - Hinter verzauberten Fenstern
49. Julian Barnes - Flaubert's Parrot
50. Stieg Larsson - Verblendung (Män som hatar kvinnor)



books. i love books. thanks for posting such a marvelous list.
:) well I used to read a lot more when I was younger and had more time. my father used to say I didn't read my book, but ate them. sorta true.

and yes, loved extremely loud & incredibly close, too. one of my favourite lines: love me, because love doesn't exist and I have tried everything that does .
got that one on my "have to read" list, but didn't yet get around reading it.
and this year will certainly not see me doing much pleasure reading, it's thesis and exam time ^^
*lol* yeah. haven't seen the movie either since I'm not very fond of elijah wood... but funny enough, I DO see him when I read the title of the book. call that successful marketing for the movie...
I hate frodo with a passion, so elijah wood playing him didn't excactly help ^^
I actually haven't seen many movies with him, my disliking probably is linked to him playing frodo. that has formed a link in my mind I cannot get around anymore.
I don't really know. probably because he's so emo... I never liked him in the books, but I can't excactly name reasons. I like Pippin ^^
The Good Son kind of rings a bell but haven't seen it. I wasn't much of a movie person till one or two years ago.
yeah and also this "I have to bear the worlds greatest burden on my shoulder, but no, I wont allow you to help, it's too dangerous" ... blaaaaaah. whatever.
Pippin rocks.
I read LOTR once, but it's impossible for me to re-read it. it's to boring really. I'm amazed at Tolkiens ability to make up such a complex story, I'm amazed at the charakters but there are passages in the book that just get me fall asleep very very fast ^^

Having Billy Boyd read it sounds brilliant... let's go organize that, I'm sure we find some more fans of this idea ;)
hehe. accents are an unfair thing, the totally make me go nuts and I think people shouldn't be able to make me grin madly by just TALKING...

I started to reread the books about three or four times, always gave about after about 50 pages. however, I read them in german and I'm determined to read them in english, too. so one day...
I'm really glad we don't! how boring that would be if everyone just sounded the same.
and well, you can't have it all, obviously. maybe send him to ireland for a while to re-train his accent? ;)
^^ Well I don't know. I suck at recognizing accents, all I can do is tell you whether I like it or not. I couldn't really place people by listening to them. But what I can say for sure is that I prefer british english to american english. While I like both, the british accent just wins. Unfortunately, watching tv series and most movies gave me more of an american accent, a fact I'm not too happy about. but what can you do.
The only dutch girl I remember speaking english with sounded like an australian... which was funny because she was constantly mistaken for being from down under and was puzzled about it every time. wonder what she sounds like nowadays since she moved to south africa *g*

I guess you got terrible accents in every language, it's the same in german.
^^ see. different language, same problem. well. I mean, I guess I get by pretty well with my english, but recognizing accents is a different story.