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laptop coffee

April 2012

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laptop coffee


I'm lots better again. I'm still a little lethargic in the evenings and can't get started imidiately in the mornings, but that's normal. What is important is that I'm back on track.
I woke up with a soar throat once again, so I'll be happily consuming huge amounts of tea I guess.
Atleast Bernd will bring me a coffee along when I'm working today. It's nice to have the colleauges that you like around during your shift. He's not working today but has to study for some exams, so he's probably around till the end of my first shift and will drop by when he takes breaks.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm pretty much into movies lately, atleast considering how little I watched before, so I thought, maybe I'll start a movie-list, too, like I've seen it at some of the people from my f-list. 
I might already have forgotten some, but well. That's what I can remember from January.

  1. Buddenbrooks (cinema)
  2. The man in the Iron Mask (DVD)
  3. Lara Croft. Tomb Raider. (TV)
  4. Tomb Raider. Die Wiege des Lebens (TV)
  5. Kate and Leopold (tv)
  6. Revolutionary Road (cinema)
  7. The day after tomorrow (DVD)
  8. Zodiac (DVD)
  9. Jarhead (DVD)
10. Riddick (TV)
11. Equilibrium (DVD)
12. Failure to launch (DVD)
13. Batman begins (DVD)
14. Der Teufel trägt Prada (TV)
15. August Rush (DVD)
16. Annie Leibovitz - Life through a lense (DVD)
17. The day after tomorrow (TV)
18. Proof (DVD)
19. World Trade Center (TV)
20. Chicago (DVD)
21. Gladiator (DVD)
22. Beauty and the Beast (online)
23. October Sky (DVD)
24. Good night, and good luck (DVD)
25. Star Trek (cinema)
26. Pride and Prejudice (BBC) (DVD)
27. Million Dollar Baby (TV)
28. Batman begins (DVD)
29. Die Dolmetscherin (The Interpreter) (TV)
30. The fountain (DVD)
31. Angels and Demons (cinema)
32. 3:10 to Yuma (DVD)
33. Terminator Salvation (cinema)
34. Transformers (online)
35. The Dark Knight (DVD)
36. V wie Vendetta (V for Vendetta) (tv)
37. Der Schatzplanet (Disneys The Treasure Planet) (tv)
38. Malcolm X (DVD)
39. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (cinema)
40. Transformers. Revenge (cinema)
41. Oscar Wilde (dvd)
42. Inglorious Basterds (cinema)
43. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (TV)
44. Enchanted (DVD)
45. Beauty and the beast (DVD)
46. Butterfly effect (DVD)
47. The Prince of Jutland (DVD)
48. Ballet Shoes (DVD)
49. X-Men III. The last stand (DVD)
50. Wolverine (DVD)
51. Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (DVD)
52. Wie im Himmel (Så som i himmelen) (DVD)
53. Clockwork Orange (DVD)
54. Das Haus am See (DVD) (The Lake House)
55. Dear Frankie (DVD)
56. Polarexpress (DVD)
57. Bärenbrüder (Tv) (Brothers Bear)
58. The day after tomorrow (DVD)
59. 2012 (cinema)
60. Constantine (TV)
61. Running Scared (DVD)
62. Avatar (cinema)
63. The Jane Austen Book Club (DVD)