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laptop coffee

April 2012

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laptop coffee

sign of life

Caught a cold, so now I'm sitting here head achy, sniffing and coughing and generally a little weakish. But that will pass, too, I guess.
More important and happier news, SNOOKER <3 *thihi* 
Some years ago Lena and me met one of the players during a tournament, really really nice guy, bit confused and such but generally totally great person. He can play some very nice stuff but somehow during the last years he never got his act together. Now, at the beginning of this year he already won a small tournament, his first main tour event. And tonight, he'll be in a final again. He played well so far, so I'm quite curious to see him play later (also nice to have him show up in the regular program on eurosport :) Go Tom!

Other than that, I finally bought myself a decent jacket today, shelled out 200 € for it (darn!) but what can you do, that stuff is expensive. It's a double jacket with zipped in fleece, so that makes it nicely functional.
It's not a hundred percent the one I bought but pretty much similiar.

Once done with shopping, I met with a friend of mine who keeps on consulting me for his final thesis... he has good ideas, good insights but he's all over the place and badly unstructured, so I tried to get him back on track. We basically turned over half of his plans and I made him reconsider his research question. He already has a lot of material but somehow he got it all wildly mixed up and tried to form a thesis where there was none, or at least none that he could argue the way he tried to. Hope he's a bit clearer now about where to go and I didn't make it worse.... he seemed confident, though.
After that I walked back home and collapsed on my bed cause somehow, eventhough I didn't do much today, I feel a little exhausted. Guess the cold is to be blamed.

I guess I also still owe you the promised picture with the short hair. It's not the best picture ever taken of me but at least it gets you an idea and yeah I know, I promised. So here we go. 

(and please tell me I'm not the only one who actually cannot bear to look at "official" pictures of herself... it's terrible...) Also, I might want to add that this is a little very "neat" but I thought for official purpose, I might not want to have my hair all over the place. I wear it a little messier on a daily basis. And yes, in theory it should also still work with curls, but so far I never tried it cause I'm way too happy to have it straight and for once resembling something like an actual hair cut. 


OMG you look so ... Finnish! *giggles*

(Please note that this observation is in no way related to your haircut. I hadn't seen any picture of you before.)
*LOL* if you say so xD
In Sweden I was told I look swedish (used to be blond back than, I change my haircolour...well. regularly xD)
It might actually be because you remind me a bit of a Finnish lady I know who lives here in our town.

Also, I completely forgot to mention that it's a cute cut. I like it. I'd never dare doing something as drastic to my hair, but then I don't have the face for it, so that's probably for the best.
I don't have much of a face for anything either, Ijust don't care ;)

on another note.... GO GO GO TOM!
also: RYAN <3 that man really needs to get his act together...
A propos act:


OMG, that first long red and that final red of his last break were just amazing. He should be called "Braveheart" henceforth!

TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome awesome awesome! *happy me*
and yes, he is brave. and he can play. he jsut forgets sometimes. btw, are you on fb? if yes, I should add you :)
Nope, I've managed to refuse the lure so far. ;)

Tom always is a sure bet on who will make a century during any given match, he's that good. *nods*
he totally is, and I really for the life of me cannot figure out what is still holding him back. he has it all. he just doesn't perform most of the time and that makes me so sad.
Let's just hope a win like today's will make the difference.
I hoped so already at the beginning of the season. through PTC, he definitely has improved and in an interview after his first win, he said himself that he changed his routines, that he doesn't go out drinking that often anymore (and beleive me, I've been drinking with him twice, that little guy can stomach alot xD) so... he's ideally FINALLY on the right path
OH MY GOD IS THAT YOU?!?! :D woah, big change, but I like it a lot! woah :)
:) yeah, guess that's still me ^^ Thanks :)
I completely echo Maria's surprise and compliments!
awww. thank you :)
man man man, sonderwünsche auch noch ;)
mal gucken was sich machen lässt, ich verspreche, wie immer, nichts, wenns um fotos geht xD
Official pix are always so earnest... :D I love your haircut.
thank you :)